Sarah Tariverdian developed her unique style during her studies in fashion design in Berlin and in Paris, where she currently works and resides. Sarah was inspired by the 90s Anti-Fashion movement that reinvented fashion as an industry in a very new way. Today she is still motivated by this spirit to question developments in fashion and produces her very individual lines.

Nature plays a large part in her work. What fascinates her about is the process of transience. It is the specific state of an item that she wants to capture and eternalise. She tries to reflect this in her designs using these details in their imperfection.
Sarah prefers to work with imperfection and asymmetry because of their asthetic value and because she believes people can find themselves in irregular and asymmetric forms, simply because the world itself is mostly imperfect.

SARAH TARI is characterised by manual work, individual designs, production per order and fewer collections per year. All pieces are handmade in Paris.

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